1. sketchersblock:

    Lips t-shirt print idea

    Sketching some prints for a print course. :)


  2. sketchersblock:


    I’m still living life without a scanner and I should really buy one.


  3. sketchersblock:

    Yup, It comes a bit too late, but here’s my TotW: animals in space! It’s a whale!


  4. sketchersblock:

    Just some morning sketching and testing new marker paper :3


  5. sketchersblock:

    I was asked to do Buddha themed painting, so here it is! It was very hard to do, because I don’t know a lot of thing about buddhism or how should I paint Buddha. 


  6. sketchersblock:

    Last week I made a little trip to Finland’s capital city Helsinki (which is very beautiful place at summer!). I had some free time when I was waiting my friend and I went to a cafe to sketch and drink some good coffee. Okay, this sketch looks a bit depressing, but I never sit alone in coffees, so this sketch idea came to my mind! 

    And I really need a scanner. :<


  7. sketchersblock:

    Theme of the week: Sketchers of the Sketchers’ block!

    Okay, I’ll post a drawing which I drew about Retuwille. We drew each other face to face! I should practice drawing boys…


  8. sketchersblock:

    Theme of the week: Sketchers!

    Sorry, I really tried to draw Sketcher block’s guys too, but I just couldn’t! I can’t draw boys at all. So here’s two beautiful sketcher girls Tuasofia and Lookatmethere!

    - Taryu

  9. sketchersblock:

    I started to sketch a tattoo for me! Here’s some progress photos!

    It’s not ready yet and it takes so much time to complete this, because I’m never satisfied about it. But I’m going to post progress photos more later and maybe someday a photo were this tattoo is on my leg!


  10. sketchersblock:

    Theme of the week a bit late, but here it comes!

    So, here’s a print I made for my FW 2014 Cravire fashion collection.