1. sketchersblock:

    Deer with Microsoft Surface Pro!


  2. sketchersblock:

    Monkey with moustache shirt

    This is a poster material which I made for design students’ and sustainable development students’ event. Grazy, isn’t it?


  3. sketchersblock:

    Mermaid girl sketch! I think I should color this too…


  4. Sketching with Microsoft surface pro and sketchbook pro combo…

  5. Face details…

    I love watercolors!! :3

  6. sketchersblock:

    Watercolor girl, ~1-2 hours.

    I will upload a detail photo of this artwork to my personal sketching blog “Taru art and stuff”. I have tried to improve my watercolor skills lately and I think that I have made some progress.. yey!

    - Taryu

  7. Wondering. 

  8. "I’m just a shy girl with green eyes…"

  9. I’m the queen. 

    -Wacom Intuos Pro

  10. Pink is my color.